In addition to being the cheapest version control system on the market, GitShip offers one of the easiest to use web-based interfaces available. The application also offers the ability to easily collaborate, share source code, and ultimately build a better web. GitShip makes the DevOps cycle easy and affordable for developers allowing teams to focus on collaboration and executing on ideas. The time from idea to finished product can be managed efficiently using the GitShip platform.

  • GitShip works as a showcase of sorts for developers who want companies to see their work. This can allow for opportunities and visibility to get hired by top tech and software companies around the world. It is easy for companies to access a developer’s codebase and see exactly what he or she committed down to the line.

  • The application is secure and allows for teams to not worry about the privacy and security of their projects. This in turn increases collaboration efficiency and makes for a better codebase and finished product. Ultimately, teams can stay on the same page throughout the entire DevOps cycle and build great products.

  • Through automatic DevOps, GitShip automates code analysis, licensing, dependency scanning, security testing, and many other features. Additionally, the application comes with Pipelines and 3rd Party Integrations built in, further easing the development process for teams and companies.

  • As a central location for the entire development process, GitShip provides a social environment as well as version control system. This makes the development process fun and more collaborative.

  • GitShip constantly monitors its repositories for malware and works to not allow adware to be bundled with project downloads without the consent of its developers.

  • GitShip supports every programming language and makes it easy for developers to see who committed what snippet of code and what language the code is in. When accessing a repository, the developer can quickly see what percentage of the repository is in what language. The ability to initialize repositories with a Readme and License file speeds of the development process as well.

  • Tracking code changes, issues, bugs, and analytics is easy with GitShip. The developer can quickly see what his counterparts have committed and figure out what he or she can commit or change as a follow up.

  • The ability to look back on changes and compare past and present code is an important feature that makes it easy for developers to go back and grab old snippets from the past. This makes the code evolutionary process and seamless and comprehensible.

  • All the developer’s code is backed up on the cloud, so even if the developer loses his or her local development branch, the code stays in the cloud.

  • With GitShip, you can simplify the process of working with multiple files and dependencies in addition to tracking changes to your files. This makes it easier to work with others and make sprints through the development process.

  • GitShip’s management team is committed to providing optimal solutions to enhance the productivity of users. In addition, GitShip’s customer service staff are available to walk you through any questions or issues you may have.

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