About GitShip

GitShip is a web-based version control system that currently offers the most affordable pricing tiers on the market. The application offers distributed version control as well as source code management. In addition to the standard features that come with a standard version control system, GitShip offers special bug tracking, issue tracking, feature requests, task management, and 24/7 support.

GitShip is a collaboration platform built on top of Git and serves as a community space where you can share your work, see your team’s work, complete code reviews, and connect integrations that help you build, test, and deploy your code. GitShip is working toward being one of the largest collections of open source projects in the world and serving as the platform used by progressive organizations all over the world who recognize the benefits of open, collaborative development.

version control systems are an important part of building software. They create one working copy where all team members can view past, present, and potential changes to a codebase, making it easy to edit and understand your code over time. The primary purpose of a version control system is to keep your team’s workflows organized as they work make new commits and releases. The version control system allows for no code conflicts between developers and tracks who made what changes and why they made those changes. GitShip provides teams a single workspace, web interface, and a code management model that makes the DevOps cycle easy to understand and allows software to be built cheaper and more efficiently.

GitShip lives in the cloud and allows developers to work together without working across multiple systems and threads. Updates happen with little downtime allowing for efficient and consistent development. Managing multiple applications and systems unnecessarily slows down your team and increases your cost with the overhead expenses of creating, integrating, managing, and maintaining. GitShip allows these steps to be streamlined, and teams and companies can collaborate with a fast and easy transition to a single application that will speed up workflow and deliver optimal solutions.

GitShip is our Git repository management solution that gives you and your team a central place to manage Git repositories, collaborate on your source code, and seamlessly harmonize your development process. It provides all of the features teams are asking for including access control in order to restrict access to your source code, workflow control to enforce a project or team workflow, pull requests with in-line commenting for collaboration on code review, Jira integration for full development traceability, and Full Rest API to build features custom to your workflow if they are not already available from our Marketplace. GitShip is a subsidiary of Typhoon LLC and operates as the company’s flagship application. Typhoon LLC is a US software company that develops products for software developers, music producers, and security experts.

Management of GitShip invites you and your team to join with us today. Our customer service staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding our version control system and its features.

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