Effortlessly monetise your GitHub repos.

GitShip.com automates private repo collaborator invites and removal, generates fresh zips of your production releases and distributes your code to 3rd party repos on demand.

Why use GitShip.com to ship your codebases?

GitShip removes the hassle from maintaining your latest version of the code you distribute to paying customers

Three different models



Automate who can join your private GitHub repo. GitShip has a flexible API allowing you to manage access via 3rd party platforms like WordPress, Ghost CMS, Zapier, Stripe, you name it!



Share a permanent link to your ZIP file. GitShip always delivers the latest snapshot from your GitHub repository.



Push new builds from your repo to your customer's repo. GitShip handles release notes and licencing if you choose.

Paying customers demand the latest features when buying a code licence.



On purchase, your new customer is emailed a link to connect a new GitHub repo or download a ZIP. They automatically join your subscriber list when new versions are released.



With each push to main (or any branch/tag etc of your choice), GitShip packages up the code bundling the new changelog, the customer's unique licence agreement and digital theft fingerprinting then notifies your customers.



If your customer's licence expires, you can block them from getting fresh updates until they renew.

How it works

Ship new builds of your code in seconds not hours.

GitShip has been designed to take the pain out of delivering code to your customers.

The customer can connect their GitHub account and sync a new private repo to collect new builds on release.


Securely authorize GitShip to access your GitHub account


Pick your delivery preferences and licencing


Use or API to add new customers, or connect to your existing storefront on GumRoad, SendOwl, Thrive Cart, Woo, Shopify...

Feature List

Notify πŸ—£
Automated email updates to existing customers of the codebase updates

Delivered βœ…
Instantaneous deployment of your repo on push to main (or a specific branch) with each new sale

Grow πŸƒ
Grow an audience to your future code sales, by allowing them to subscribe to new repo connections and purchase opportunities

Smart Release Notes πŸ–‹
Automate your release notes via GitShip or just keep a release.md or changelog.md file up to date inside the repo

Licencing πŸ“„
GitShipped helps you pick the right licence model, and ensures each code bundle contains the correct licencing information.

Monitor πŸ“Š
Get analytics data on products shipped and your audience’s engagement.


First Repo


  • Automated code deployment and bundling

  • Secure GitHub connection

  • GumRoad sales integration

  • Customer notifications on new code releases

  • Public download landing page (optional)

  • Automated Release notes

  • Simple Licencing

2 - 3 Repos


  • 3 connections

  • Custom checkout flow integrations

  • Customer automated code checkout

+ Additional Repos


  • Unlimited connections


GitShip is in stealth Beta mode. We're aiming to release to selected users in the next few weeks.

To join the Beta programme, please enter your contact details.